New Brunswick Accommodations

New Brunswick has a cultural diversity plus varied terrain ranging from agricultural to coastal (particularly the Bay of Fundy with its enormous tides) to Saint John, Moncton and Fredericton, the provincial capital. New Brunswick accommodations are prepared to meet your needs both linguistically (parle français?) and geographically.

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Saint John Accommodations

Canada's oldest incorporated city and the province's largest city, Saint John is on the province's south eastern shore. Loyalists established the city in 1783, and the greater Saint John area is now home to 122,389 people.

Fredericton Accommodations

This provincial capital lies in the southern central part of the province. Fredericton's Southside with downtown and 2 universities are on the opposite bank of the St. John River from the city's Northside suburban area.

Moncton Accommodations

Moncton is found in the Petitcodiac River valley in southeastern New Brunswick, 55 km (34.2 mi.) from the Nova Scotia border. The Moncton area is home to around 126,500 people.

Acadian Coastal Accommodations

The Eastern coast of New Brunswick is known as the Acadian Coast. The distinctive Atlantic Canada culture features fishermen hauling in lobster traps and French-speaking fishing villages.

Appalachian Range Accommodations

From Dalhousie through the middle-top of New Brunswick to Perth Andover lies an extension of the Appalachian range - mountains older than the Himalayas.

Fundy Coastal Accommodations

The southern Fundy Coastal Drive is one of New Brunswick's most popular road trips. The drive allows you to inspect the world's highest tides, coastal vistas and marine life featuring whales.

Miramichi River Accommodations

Between Miramichi and Fredericton runs a route that tells tall tales of both fly fishing and lumberjacks. The Miramichi River is about 250 km (155.3 mi.) long and is divided into the Southwest Miramichi River and the Northwest Miramichi River.

St John River Valley Accommodations

The upper reaches of the St. John River Valley, around Edmundston, are in gently rolling agricultural and lumber lands where people most often speak French. The Petit-Temis Interprovincial Linear Park is a biking path that links New Brunswick and Quebec.